The Rocky Road to Success

This month we turn to the movie memorabilia domain for a wonderful profit making opportunity.

Rocky TM is undoubtedly one of the most successful movie franchises in the history of world cinema. Over the six films we have been entertained by some very colourful characters, all kitted out in their own trademarked apparel. Thanks to the wonders of, erm, mass sewing/embroidery, these items of clothing are available to buy at wholesale prices!

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Seasonal Clothing Can Be Profitable

As winter draws in many people will be looking to compliment their wardrobes with this season’s offerings from the high street but with the recession looming shoppers will be looking to keep their spending to a minimum. Why not give them a cost effective way of getting their winter essentials by supplying cut-price clothing to keep them warm over the next few months? In this October’s product review we look at how quality unbranded clothing can be very profitable, even more so in these times of limited consumer spending.

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Record Transfers Make for Record Profits and Elmo goes Live!

One of the biggest markets on the internet today is sports merchandise. The average sports fan spends hundreds of pounds a year supporting their chosen team and a big chunk of this spending can be attributed to merchandise.

In the UK, Football rules supreme and the English Premiership is the wealthiest, most sensational league in the world. One of the most dramatic days of the season is transfer deadline day. Clubs are battling against the clock to sign some of the biggest, most exciting names in the world. Not only is a lot of money spent by the clubs to acquire these players but a lot of money is spent by fans clamouring to own a replica shirt with their new hero’s name or number printed on the back. As a neutral spectator and business person this creates an excellent opportunity to cut a slice of the profit.

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Get Pole Position in the Sporting Merchandise Market

The best selling products are those which people feel passionate about. It is those items of special importance to people which make them dig their hands into their pockets. It is such a product we have found for this month’s product review – wholesale McLaren Mercedes F1 Team Official T-Shirts as worn by current sporting media darling and hero Lewis Hamilton.

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Beckham Sells Books

It’s a great feeling when you find a product that you just know will sell. Whether it’s the latest technological gadget like the new 3G iPhone or something much more day-to-day like a great value living room rug you still get that sense of excitement at the thought of making some great sales.

The problem is that there’s always a risk involved as you can never be absolutely certain a product will race off the shelves. Well, this month, we think we’ve found one which will keep those nagging doubts to an absolute minimum; it’s the new photographical book about the world’s favourite football pin-up David Beckham.

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Piggy-Backing Marketing Campaigns for Your Own Gain

Making money on eBay (or on any other auction site) is a difficult thing, the market is so vast and competitive that you either have to find some reliable cheap suppliers or have a big helping of “Lady Luck” – in some cases both! As a member of the first part is all taken care of – there are plenty of extremely cheap wholesalers to choose from in our extensive directory.

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Unclaimed Luggage means Unclaimed Profits

Read about the horrific launch of Heathrow’s new Terminal 5? Designed to ease congestion and queuing in the World’s busiest airport the launch of Terminal 5 was nothing short of disastrous for British Airways (the only airline using the terminal) and its’ passengers. It seems that organisation was the main downfall with thousands of bags going missing within the first week of the terminal launch. Many of these bags went unclaimed, the original owners having not come forward to claim their lost possessions – ultimately this opens an opportunity for the motivated and savvy re-seller.

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Video Games – Anticipate the Demand and Supply It

Video gaming a multi-billion pound industry which is constantly evolving and growing. That evolution and growth has meant that anyone looking to consistently make money in the sector has also had to grow and evolve or get left behind, it’s not an industry you can break into easily but with the right product at the right time it’s possible to cash in. It’s all about spotting a potentially popular product and supplying the demand.

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